Svalbox Team

Kim Senger

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Kim Senger at UNIS is the Svalbox Principal Investigator and initiated the Svalbox project in 2016 with the first UArctic co-operation project. Kim has a background from the petroleum industry (Bayerngas Norge and EMGS), and conducted a PhD on the CO2 storage project in Longyearbyen. Kim’s main passion is integration of different geoscientific data to better understand the subsurface – with the motto that as long as data are in the same location they can be integrated.

Peter Betlem

PhD Candidate

PhD student Peter Betlem at UNIS is the Svalbox Project Manager and main Svalbox coder, python-expert and drone pilot. Peter’s PhD project, partly funded by the NCCS centre and partly by the Norwegian Ministry of Education & Research, examines cap rock integrity with respect to CO2 storage both on Svalbard and in the North Sea. Peter is an experienced drone pilot and spends months upon months in the field collecting more data for Svalbox.

Tom Birchall

PhD student Tom Birchall at UNIS is the Svalbox “rock star” – a geologist who loves working under pressure and who found a calling in generating humorous yet educational videos utilizing many Svalbox data sets.

Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora

Post-doctoral researcher

Post-doctoral researcher Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora at UNIS is working on onshore-offshore correlations of the Upper Paleozoic succession – and is the in-house field geologist for the Svalbox team, in addition to being the “Queen of Billefjorden”, coined after her PhD thesis on the area.

Rafael Kenji Horota

PhD Candidate

Geologist at heart, Rafael is now a PhD candidate in higher education research at UNIS. He is focused in understand field-based teaching and learning in the geosciences through the application of state-of-the-art virtual technologies. This approach also requires field data acquisition and drone pilot skills in high arctic extreme conditions which have been put to the test since his arrival in Svalbard in May 2021.

Lilith Kuckero

Biologist Lilith Kuckero is not only a biologist with focus on ecology and marine and arctic biology. She also has specialized herself in outreach and science communication and likes to translate between “scientific language” to popular understandable speech. Writing for the Svalbox website is her main tasks in the Svalbox team.

Nil Rodés

Master student in geology

Nil`s enthusiasm about nature since childhood, and his profound interest in science, led him to study the BSc in Marine Sciences and the MSc in Polar and Marine Sciences. Through his studies, he had the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the High Arctic of Svalbard which became his main focus of interest. Now, as a master student of Arctic Geology at the University Centre in Svalbard, he is also part of the Svalbox team and supports the team with digital model aquisition, processing and visualization.

Svalbox contributors

Julian Janocha

Gareth Lord

Anders Dahlin