SVALCLIME proposal

Deep-time Arctic climate archives: High-resolution coring of Svalbard’s sedimentary record


A deep-time climate archive on Svalbard? Yes, you understood right – the Arctic region offers high-quality sedimentary succession documenting global climate changes during the Phanerozoic and the Svalbard archipelago have a variety of highly accessible sedimentary sequences accessible for continental drilling (Smyrak-Sikora et al., 2021). A research drilling campaign in Deltadalen, performed in 2014, proved that stratigraphic drilling and full coring can be achieved both cost- and time-effectively with minimal environmental impact. In addition, hundred of industry boreholes have been cored in Svalbard – notably for coal exploration and CO2 storage characterization. Within this project, a MagellanPlus workshop in Longyearbyen is proposed in order to develop one or more ICDP (International Continental Drilling Program) proposals for systematic high-resolution drilling onshore Svalbard. The new cores will be integrated with the existing boreholes to generate an Arctic deep-time paleoclimate archive.


Have a look at this figure – it shows the stratigraphic coverage of cored research borehole in Svalbard in context to the stratigraphy of Svalbard, its latitudinal position during earth history and the corresponding geological setting:


The abstract, reviewing the deep-time paleoclimate events, which are preserved in Svalbard rocks, is published at Research Gate:

Read the abstract here