Eistradalen West


Outcrop on western side of Eistradalen West, Agardhdalen area. Sassendalen and Kapp Toscana groups, including a reverse fault.

Eistradalen West
Model information
Locality Eistradalen West
Area Valley west of Eistradalen
Region Spitsbergen
Northing/Longitude 576555.11
Easting/Latitude 8673821.45
Spatial reference epsg:32633
Technical specs
Date acquired 2020-05-12
Acquired by Eistradalen West
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Peter Betlem
# images 371
Calibration Built-in (GPS)
Average distance (m) 254
Resolution (cm/pix) 5,21
Operator UNIS
Reference Peter Betlem / AG222