DOM_2021-0014 (Kolfjellet)

Model information
locality Kolfjellet
land Nordenskiöld Land
island Spitsbergen
easting 498177.56
northing 8636094.52
crs epsg 32633
data doi 10.5281/zenodo.5948895
Technical specs
acq. date 2021-06-26
acq. camera model Hasselblad L1D-20c
acq. camera lens 10.26 mm
acq. georeferencing built-in GPS
proc. software Agisoft Metashape
proc. software version
proc. alignment accuracy highest
proc. depth map accuracy medium
proc. camera stations 885
proc. camera total error 2.86082 m
proc. ground resolution 0.064 m/pix
proc. dem resolution 0.256 m/pix
proc. dem point density 15.3 points/m2
proc. flying altitude 268 m
proc. coverage area 2.74 km2
proc. georeferencing crs 4326
proc. dc filter conf min 8
proc. mesh filter con comp 99

Digital outcrop model of Kolfellet, in Van Mijenfjorden. Exhibiting outcrops of Grumantbyen and Hollendralen formations in the top, Basilika Formation, Firkanten Formation and Carolinefjellet Formation at the base of the mountain.