DOM_2020-0030 (Hyrnestabben)

Model information
easting 533534.3
island Spitsbergen
land Nathorst Land
locality Hyrnestabben
northing 8603537.05
crs epsg 32633
data doi 10.5281/zenodo.6312532
Technical specs
acq. camera lens 50
acq. camera model NIKON D800
acq. date 2020-08-21
acq. georeferencing built-in GPS
proc. alignment accuracy High
proc. camera stations 79
proc. camera total error 19.6496 m
proc. coverage area 1.95 km2
proc. dem point density 0.475 points/m2
proc. dem resolution 1.45 m/pix
proc. depth map accuracy High
proc. flying altitude 670 m
proc. georeferencing crs 4326
proc. ground resolution 0.0641 m/pix
proc. mesh filter con comp 99
proc. software Agisoft Metashape
proc. software version

Hyrnestabben-outcrop in inner-Van Keulenfjorden. Outcrop shows exposed sandstone bodies (river- and sandy floodplain) of the terrestrial Aspelintoppen Formation floodplain. Northward mountain face is much better exposed than the sourthern face pointed toward the fjord.