DOM_2016-0001 (Tschermakfjellet)

Model information
locality Tschermakfjellet
land South Dickson Land
island Spitsbergen
easting 506293.31
northing 8716121.4
crs epsg 32633
Technical specs
data owner Svalbox
data reference Kim Senger
acq. date 2016-08-30
acq. reference Kim Senger
acq. camera model NIKON D90
acq. camera lens 50 mm
acq. georeferencing built-in GPS
proc. camera stations 382
proc. camera total error 9.34697 m
proc. ground resolution 0.0965 m/pix
proc. dem resolution 0.386 m/pix
proc. dem point density 6.71 points/m2
proc. flying altitude 1020 m
proc. coverage area 2.94 km2
proc. reference Nil Rodes, Kim Senger

This is a model of Tschermakfjellet, South Dickson Land. An intrusion stretches from the south to the north, with steps, terminations, and other intrusion features visible.