Svalbox is since 2016 supported by various financing models, often through co-operation and networking projects. Our most generous financial partner has been the University of the Arctic ( who has financed the “Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone” project (2016-2017 and 2017-2018), the “High Arctic Large Igneous Province Database” project (2018-2019) and the “Svalbox2020” project (2020-2022). In addition, the Research Council of Norway, through the Svalbard Science Forum, finances the “Svalbox 2.0” co-operation project (2021-2023). Additional funds for data loading and visualisation were provided by the Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Research (, the Petroleum Research School of Norway ( and the University Centre in Svalbard.

University of the Arctic

The University of Arctic financed a number of UNIS-led projects (see project page for details) through which Svalbox developed into the teaching and research tool it is today.

Svalbard Science Forum

The Svalbard Science Forum, a branch of the Research Council of Norway with offices in Longyearbyen, is supporting the Svalbox project with a Svalbard Strategic Grant project, “Svalbox 2.0”.