Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone: a synthesis

The last two years we have been working on a UArctic-funded project initiated to share experiences on using modern tools in student-centred geoscientific education. In Helsinki, at the UArctic congress 2018, Kim presented the learnings from these two years.

One of the central objectives of the project was to establish the Svalbox website in order to share data, educational material and experiences also beyond the project period. Welcome to!

Another central goal was to use the learnings from this project in education – and in January 2018 we implemented these in a brand-new BSc-level course at UNIS in Longyearbyen, AG222 Integrated Geological Methods: From outcrop to geomodel. A great bunch of 20 students participated in the 15ECTS course this spring – and their experience is best summarized in the video they have made (see below).

We utilize photogrammetry to generate virtual outcrop models. These are constructed using photographs taken from the ground, from the sea or from drones. Extensive overlap between adjoining photos allows the construction of virtual outcrop models. Their spatial extent and resolution depend on the size and extent of the features to be mapped – but can be anything from seismic-scale to mm-scale. We at UNIS strive to cover Svalbard’s exceptional outcrops using virtual outcrop models – and on the map page you can follow our progress.

Last but not least, such a project relies on active partners willing to share experiences, workflows and educational materials. Thank you for all partners, collaborators and not in the least our students!