Low resolution overview model of Fortet and adjacent Petuniabukta/Adolfbukta Mountain face. The Petuniabukta mountain side is capped by Wordiekammen Black Crag beds which are locally intersected by solution collapse breccia pipes.Underlying the Black Crag beds is the Minkinfjellet Formation which is mostly scree covered but comprises the Fortet Member at the Fortet locality. The Fortet member is a sollution collapse breccia within the Minkinfjellet Formation and is the result of extensive gypsum dissolution and subsequent collapse of the overburden. The Adolfbukta mountain face displays gypsum, carbonate and sandstone beds of the Minkinfjellet Formation.

Model information
Locality OverviewFortet
Region Spitsbergen
UTM33x/Longitude 536117.53
UTM33x/Latitude 8734601.89
Technical specs
Date acquired 02.08.2019
Acquired by Julian Janocha
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Julian Janocha
# images 124
Average distance (m) 621
Resolution (cm/pix) 14,6
Reference Julian Janocha