Gypsum breccia (Fortet)

3D Model of paleokarst breccias dominated by Gypsum below Fortet. Situated in the Minkinfjellet Formation.

Gypsum breccia (Fortet)
Model information
Locality Gypsum breccia (Fortet)
Area Fortet
Region Spitsbergen
UTM33x/Longitude 536470.89
UTM33x/Latitude 8734030.3
Technical specs
Date acquired 05.08.2019
Acquired by Julian Janocha
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Julian Janocha
# images 262
Calibration Marker (GPS)
Average distance (m) 67,6
Resolution (cm/pix) 1,12
Operator UNIS
Reference Master thesis Julian Janocha