Gully North of Labben

3D Model of a gully north of Labben. The deep narrow gully comprises Lower to Middle Triassic stratigraphy exposed nearly vertical.

Gully North of Labben
Model information
Locality Gully North of Labben
Area Labben
Region Spitsbergen
Northing/Longitude 477377.02
Easting/Latitude 8692675.07
Spatial reference epsg:32633
Technical specs
Date acquired 20200812
Acquired by Gully North of Labben
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Julian Janocha
# images 39
Calibration Built-in (GPS)
Average distance (m) 59,2
Resolution (cm/pix) 1,84
Operator UNIS
Reference Oscar II Land Reconisence Gareth Lord