Fortet North

Virtual Outcrop Model of outcrop section Fortet North. Fortet is a paleokarst breccia outcrop at the southern end of Wordiekammen. At Fortet North the western section is characterized by stratified sedimentary breccias deposited “inversly” onlapping to the paleo-cave ceiling. Towards the east of the stratified breccia we find chaotic breakdown breccia which are truncating the stratfied breccias. The chaotic breackdown breccia resemble a second phase of dissolution and collapse of a paleokarst system.

Fortet North
Model information
Locality Fortet North
Area Fortet
Region Spitsbergen
UTM33x/Longitude 536309.3
UTM33x/Latitude 8734179.36
Technical specs
Date acquired 02.08.2019
Acquired by Julian Janocha
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Julian Janocha
# images 462
Calibration Marker (GPS)
Average distance (m) 91
Resolution (cm/pix) 1,43
Operator UNIS
Reference Master thesis Julian Janocha (2020): Depositional and structural evolution of the Fortet breccia outcrop in inner Billefjorden, Spitsbergen, Svalbard