Fortet Beach

Virtual Outcrop Model of beach outcrop model at Rudmosepynten. The eastern section exhibits westward dipping carbonate benches of the Minkinfjellet Formation whereas the western part shows paleokarst breccias of the Minkinfjellet Formation. Transition from carbonate benches to paleokarst breccias is characterized as a sharp dip parallel boundary characteristic for the base of evaoprite paleokarst.

Fortet Beach
Model information
Locality Fortet Beach
Area Rudmosepynten
Region Spitsbergen
UTM33x/Longitude 536113.91
UTM33x/Latitude 8733750.82
Technical specs
Date acquired 02.08.2019
Acquired by Julian Janocha
Acquisition method UAV
Processed by Julian Janocha
# images 458
Calibration Marker (GPS)
Average distance (m) 18
Resolution (cm/pix) 0,712
Operator UNIS
Reference Master thesis Julian Janocha (2020): Depositional and structural evolution of the Fortet breccia outcrop in inner Billefjorden, Spitsbergen, Svalbard