Arctic Rocks – the NfiP Arctic Petroleum Field School on Svalbard

Rift basins are among the most common hydrocarbon and groundwater plays, and thus important to society. Successful exploration and production in rift basins requires a sound understanding of their three-dimensional architecture and their geological evolution through time. During this Arctic … Read More

Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone: a synthesis

The last two years we have been working on a UArctic-funded project initiated to share experiences on using modern tools in student-centred geoscientific education. In Helsinki, at the UArctic congress 2018, Kim presented the learnings from these two years. One … Read More

Billefjorden Field School 2018

Billefjorden 2018 Short introduction to Svalbard Svalbard is an Arctic Archipelago located in the NW corner of the Barents Shelf. It is a territory under Norwegian sovereignty regulated in Svalbard Treaty (Spitsbergen Treaty, Svalbardtraktaten), sign by 46 countries. It allows … Read More