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Svalbox offers online access to important resources to assess and evaluate Svalbard's geomorphology and geology.

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Discover Svalbard’s unique geology in our web maps.

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Scroll through our growing database of virtual models, ranging from digital drill core samples to outcrops, and dive right into the rough morphology.

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Learn and discover new things about Svalbard with our virtual excursions.

About Svalbox

Svalbox is all about Svalbard geology. Svalbox aims to compile and acquire key data sets and publications to provide an interactive 3D geoscientific database of Svalbard.

Through Svalbox we aim to take geoscientific research and education to the next level – with the simple motto of placing all key information and data sets in their correct spatial position. We bring modern technology, in particular cost-effective virtual outcrops, to complement more than 200 years of geoscientific research on Svalbard. Finally, Svalbox provides a sustainable platform for sharing results, workflows and teaching material with the wider geoscientific community.

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Citing Svalbox

When referring to Svalbox, we kindly ask you to use the following citation:

Senger, K., 2019, Svalbox: A Geoscientific Database for High Arctic Teaching and Research, in 2019 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas.